Friday, June 18, 2010

We're going to South Africa!

Tonight we leave for South Africa for our year+ planned trip to Durban and the World Cup. I can't believe this day is actually here. I'm going to actually try to be a travel blogger on this trip, more for my personal record than anything.

Our journey begins on Egypt Air and gives us a layover in Cairo for 12 hours. We're not sure what that time will hold for us. They don't push out this info but I understand that when you have a long layover Egypt Air will either offer you a hotel room or a trip to the pyramids! If it is true we're of course taking the pyramids. We'll sleep horizontally 20 hours later!!

I am going into the office in a few to tie up some last loose ends but am going to take my lunch break at pilates class. I'm totally anxious about sitting for so long and want to try to get some serious stretching in beforehand. I'm trying to over hydrate all day and hopefully while on the plane to try to feel as comfortable as possible. My acupuncturist recommended that whenever I'm not asleep I be up moving. Sounds unlikely but I'll try get up and move around as much as possible.

I've packed my books, my camera, my laptop (will be packed when I'm done typing), my sneakers, bathing suits, mumus, sunscreen (for use after a bit of unscreened exposure to get some vitamin d going), toiletries, beach towels, beach sheet and etc., etc..

South Africa has a fairly unique electrical outlet so I'm going to search for that at the airport there. My friend Candice told me the power blew out her hair iron even with a transformer so I'm thinking I'll just buy some hair stuff there rather than breaking what I have.

Besides the games we're going to: Korea vs. Nigeria, Brazil vs. Portugal and a round of 16, we have a bunch of other activities we're hoping to do as well.  Game drive safari, waterfall hikes, bunny chow, Marine World, the Indian Spice Market and who knows what else? Oh yeah, beach!  Even though it's technically winter in S.A. it looks like it will be in the high 70s low 80s when we're there. YEAH!

We know we have to be careful and alert and that's slightly disconcerting but shit, I've lived in Oakland and had bricks thrown at my moving car and my apartment in Brooklyn was just burgled. You can't control what could happen, we just have to try to be smart.

More on the next leg!


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