Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Best of my life 2011

Best of my life 2011 (originally posted at Jigsaw Underground on 12.29.11.)

café de flore

Paris with Vail ladies
Dinner at Frenchie, Paris
Inside Job wins the Oscar
Grandma's 90th birthday, Napa
Dinner at Bazaar, LA
Teaching classes for Cocinar Para Su Saludhttp://www.cookforyourlife.org/
Moving to our new home
Riding my bike to Ft. Tilden Beach
Yoga at Maya and Shambhala
Classes at Studio Maya, Brooklyn
Comet Gain at the Scala, London
Arroz Negre at Barceloneta and Arnau's birthday show 11.11.11
Puerto Rico holiday
Hot Snakes, Wild Flag, No Age and more at ATP, Minehead
Christmas tamales with Miriam

In Memory of Esmeralda Barrera

I didn't know Esme Barrera but am shocked, saddened and horrified by her death at the hands of another human shortly after midnight on New Year's Day. Many people I love loved her though and to know that she worked hard for for girls via the Girls Rock Camp Austin as a coach and mentor and for students with special needs for her regular job is all I really even need to know to understand she was a special person. Reading the loving tributes linked below make this even more heartbreaking. If you have a few dollars to spare today, please consider sending them to the fund to help pay for her funeral and other expenses at For Our Esme. Let us learn about her, remember her and be inspired by her work.

From Can't Stop the Bleeding
From Feminist Music Geek
From Meow Online