Saturday, February 21, 2009

focus on the positive!

It was glorious. 5 days of beach, sun, swimming, reading, cooking, eating (many pupusas!), napping and even some cool family time. And ever since I've been home I've been under siege from indie music business heartbreak, knee problems, cold weather and my generally over scheduled life. I am so busy at work I can barely keep up and I'm not getting to the gym and it's amazing how quickly 5 days of bliss can be evaporated.

But there are good things on the horizon, here are a few:
Midterm exam is on Wednesday, after that it's over!
Going to D.C. with The Donnas and the musicFirst day on the hill.
Someone special's birthday.
quick trip to Austin.
Pablo and Maurix coming to visit.
Comet Gain coming to NY.
Learning more.
My knee healing and getting back on the fitness track.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nos vemossss!

Simple Social Graces is taking a break. I'll be back next Wednesday. Until then I'll be here:

Monday, February 02, 2009

E.S.G Live at Le Poisson Rouge 1.24.09 The Music Call Was Stronger

After seeing E.S.G at Le Poisson Rouge last week I couldn't stop thinking about them. I sat in bed the next morning with the lappie googling them and reading any interviews I could find. It wasn't easy. The ones I did find are great though. Renee Scroggins the lead vocalist and leader of the group comes across as so sincere and so sweet and so serious about music and what they've done and what they still want to do. My schedule right now is ridic so I'm not seeing too many shows. Seeing this one was refreshing in that there was total sincerity on stage. The audience of mostly hip 20 somethings were sincere too and that was refreshing as well. I had an instinct to be cynical about the audience’s enthusiasm but after thinking about it for a while I want to trust it.  So many of us are dying for authentic inspiration and for me, nothing does it like women playing music. 

This interview in XLR8R between Renee and Girl Talk is awesome. Nothing like hearing directly from the artists: "sample credits don't pay our bills."

McSweeny's Dispatches From The Anacostia

McSweeny's has been publishing a series called "Dispatches From The Anacostia." Friday's was about a girl who wants to go to cooking school but needs to get her G.E.D. So potent.