Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Donate to Team Natalie

It's heartbreaking when you hear about anyone having cancer. It's even more heartbreaking when it's a sweet and loving friend you've known for a long time. Last week I learned my friend Natalie Cox who has been diagnosed with  a horrible form of cancer called Angiosarcoma was given a bad prognosis. Western medicine has not given her the options she accepts and she is choosing to fight her cancer through alternative treatments and believe in herself and her future.  If you have anything to spare and can help her in her fight, please go to her website http://www.teamnataliecox.blogspot.com/ and donate here. If anyone out there has experience with this form of cancer or recommendations for alternative treatments, please email me at molly (at) simplesocialgraces.com.

Here are some words from Natalie:
I found out last Monday that my cancer (angiosarcoma) has spread to my spleen and my liver. I have an enlarged spleen from the multiple tumours and many in my liver as well. I also have two now on my chest wall. I was told by my surgeons that there was nothing more they can do for me and told me to contact oncology to talk about chemo. They said this is not curable. That's what they say but I have never really believed doctors much. I am not a statistic, I am an individual. Many people have beat the odds and I intend on doing the same. I am still in good health with only a few bits of pains now and again and a bit of tiredness. Chemo will not cure me and it will not necessarily extend my life either (quality of life is more important to me) as this cancer is a weird bugger and not much of what conventional doctors can offer will help me. 

The plan of action is this. We are flying to San Diego to meet up with The Center for the Study of Natural Oncology Wednesday. Dee and I are having a 5 day intensive program with a specialist to discuss my cancer, make a plan of action, do blood tests, look at my diet, detox, talk about treatment options and get them organised and a whole load of other things. They are a non-profit organisation (though this is not free!) and they really know their stuff. The plan is to stop the tumours blood supply therefore stopping the cancer spreading, then to organise treatments that will support and boost my immune system all without making me sick. They believe they can help me and achieve this. It will be a lot of work and not be too cheap either as it will all be out of pocket for us but hea it's only money. This is my life and I will do what it takes to raise Dillon with my best friend Dee. I have to be there to see Dillon grow up. 


  1. Natalie is now at peace, but she fought long and hard, and will never be forgotten by all of her friends.

  2. When our soul leaves our body
    (without which nthn can exist)
    and we riseabove to meet our Maker,
    only four, last things remain:
    death, judgement, Heaven or Hell.
    And dats d'fak, Jak
    (...which is what happened to me:
    Im an NDE).

    Find-out what RCIA is and join
    (ya might wanna check-out
    'Lui et Moi' by Gabrielle Bossis -
    a French writer, translated;
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    Make Your Choice -SAW

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