Thursday, October 07, 2010

Women Owned Businesses: Nicole Lang Key's Enterprises!

I am very lucky in the friend department and am constantly blown away by this fact. My goal (constant goal) is to be more prolific and consistent  in sharing their feats and accomplishments so keep looking here for more of that!

One of my my main sources of inspiration and perspiration (in that her drive and energy helps me get off my butt) is Nicole Lang Key. Editor of three blogs -  Tentacles, Food Punk and Dessert of the Month Club among many other activities, she is a huge force to be reckoned with. I am obsessed with her passion for food, love, friends, music and well... her passion for passion! Over the years we have become friends we have shared or dreams and encouraged one another to take risks and be scared and challenge ourselves and each other. I am eternally grateful I met her.

Right now two of the risks and challenges she has taken are in full effect. The first needs your help right now! Among her aforementioned passions is Pimento Cheese. Yes, that pimento cheese. Some of you know it in ball form surrounded by nuts (not my fave application), others know it in a classic Southern sandwich. Well, Nicole loves it in nearly all its forms and she loves it so much she's making a documentary about it call "Pimento Cheese, Please". Right now she's raising funds through Kickstarter to get it made and if you have a few bucks to spare, please throw them her way! This film will be fun, educational and yummy.
Nicole is also a baker supreme. Having recently moved to Richmond, Virginia (known to locals as RVA) she has been baking up a storm for various restaurants and has recently opened her own bake to order business called Dollop. She is a genius with cake flavors and combinations and makes the meanest whoopie pies you've ever tasted. If you happen to be in the area (or nearby I imagine) please hit her up for any of your baking needs!
Support women owned businesses!

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